About Nigeria 2019

Every four years, elections are conducted in Nigeria at State and Federal levels, while Local Government elections hold every three years – during which the country’s registered political parties woo the electorates with their personalities and political agenda.

Democracy in Africa, and indeed Nigeria, the continent’s leading nation, is still classified as young given its weak institutions, especially an untainted judiciary, above board law enforcement agencies and a mass of uninformed citizenry served by a virile independent media among others.

Due process has hardly been applied to the conduct of elections leading to fraud and a break of faith with citizens who seek to make their choices known through regular elections. As an electorate (if you have registered to vote and voted before) may have been disappointed about the outcomes and apathy of other voters coupled with the near lack of internal democracy among the registered political parties in the process that throws up the candidate of each party for elections.

The slow death of political engagements, widespread of dishonourable promise’ delivery and contempt for politicians seems to be the norm in our communities. Nigeria 2019 as a group is committed to a better polity, where democratic principles are implemented and sustained; creating a free society of equal partners and winners emerging in free and fair elections.

The spectre of National Assembly members enriching themselves rather than serving their electorates and ensuring socio-economic development is constantly facing the citizens. Some of these lawmakers seem to be interested in individual gains rather than collective party’ policy delivery’s gain or following the party’s internal democratic policies. It is therefore imperative that for free and fair elections in 2019 to take place, we must act now.

The action’s answer is for you to join the Nigeria2019 group. Share it through your social media; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. This group is a project that will rate, report, examines each and every candidate seeking elective position in Nigeria.