Our Aims

Our aim and guided objective is to participate effectively in the coming elections in Nigeria. By so doing, would have officials in elective positions all across the country either under a new political party, movement, or affiliated into an existing political party or to support those already in an existing party whom believe in the mission and vision of better Nigeria come 2019.

These new members so elected and identified will undertake the agenda as set out by their group and organisational mandate to governed i.e. for one term, achieve higher rate of government projects’ executions etc.

As we progress collectively in an open democratic society and our online Nigerian World will reach a stage of nominating and electing representatives with the following:

1. Have link with youths whom are integral to this movement
2. Have an adopted mandate and consultative policy whilst in government or when going into government
3. Have records and identify those representatives across the nation, enabling us to have a strong voice
4. Be ready by 2018; given strong indication to all electorates that, these representatives are indeed worthy candidates willing to change Nigeria positively
5. Well identified to all and given all members of this forum an opportunity at any time to change its’ candidate found not ideal to the principles of progressive change needed.

To achieve these changes and implement it successfully, the movement will rate each and every candidate so nominated or put forward by stakeholders every quarter or according to Nigeria2019 schedules and the candidate with lowest point is relegated or dropped, vice versa until few months before the elections. These candidates once again for the record, could be those already in political positions, office holders or new entrants selected/elected and or agreed by majority to stand for elective positions, fully backed and supported by the Nigeria 2019 projects’ members and other stakeholders.