Mission & Values

The mission of this movement is to identify potential candidates for elective position either directly or indirectly through nomination or opinion poll.

The group will plan with similar minded electorates to identify willing, presentable, progressives and leaders to contest for elective positions. These people or person may have already been in a party or in the legislatures. The basis of such people and to support their aspiration is decided by every well-meaning electorate wishing to see real divided of democracy and the wider community of Nigerians – the members. The candidates if elected base on their programme, personality and policies will be guided constantly and changes made until victory by all stakeholders and professional consultants which will help stabilize and build the Nigeria we want.

Anything is possible if we believe. Our commitment is to be agents for developmental, socio-economic and positive changes. Changing positively, progressively with our collective mandates and hope for victory to those candidates and independent personalities that would be elected by the majority of electorates during any election.

The final candidates for elective position – “must be Nigerians that have contributed something tangible, visible and positively with their lives through their works and professional ethics” through and by “pursuing demanding and productive careers” with “significant management and humanitarian responsibilities”. Candidates that have proved themselves in whatever capacity they emerged. (Culled and added).

The values are high, transparent and modified to suit Nigeria’s desire for unity, justice for the people, justice and equality.

We as a collective group have identified the key areas that need urgent attentions;
a. Security
b. Education
c. Health
d. Power
e. Application of the law – Transparency and justice at all levels- no one should be above the law
f. Employment generation.