You can also participate by helping to organise forums, seminars or brand building in your area:
You can strategise with us on the following aspects
1. Redoing and putting rights what the government’s policies is not doing or formulate a new manifesto and or improved on existing ones
2. Put forward (or yourself)/ people who should be seen contesting for an office!


Our plans are through the town hall meetings, forums, small groups, Nigeria focus organizations to have those eligible appear for screening and ratings plus open polls and survey; spending time on the working documents of the candidates or parties. This body of Nigerians towards 2019 will also be involve in lobbying as well as be in a position to examined government policies until the end of their term and as mentioned on Nigeria 2019 project to make it possible for those seeking elective office in political positions to emerged.

Nigerians Arise

The electorates have spoken – we have listened to their voices and ready to build a better nation.
We look forward to having you on board the alternative political movements towards Nigeria 2019 greater and change project.


Sincerely Yours,

Nigeria 2019 Group