Policy & Vision

The vision is to have an all-inclusive policy-making-process informed by expert & professional input from this group. Engaging those who believe in the growth and success of Nigeria and making a collective pursue to achieve it. We need People with passion and anger towards failure. A new direction to get involved in politics by positively focusing on policies and the will of electorates.

We welcome any group already trying to make it possible for Nigeria to be a global player; campaigning for democratic reform; build a country that is inclusive; in a process of creating better democratic dispensation; working towards unlocking democratic challenges; Electoral Reforms and Laws amongst others.
For us Nigerians to be accountable and recognize as real electorates, willing to reclaim our country and utilise our God’s given natural resources – we must act now and be empowered towards 2019.
There should be less need to stay focused on old stories, challenges or recent current ones; people have been calling and complaining about the system and events in the country and now all hands must be on deck to reclaim our country and offer the true political dispensation and democracy required as seen where real democracies are practised.
You are welcome on board this project, contribute to policies and ideas or just participate by sharing onward with others.