W​​e can achieve

In any political arena, there are rules and processes to follow. As shared to be
come​ a councillor, Local Government Chairman, State House of Assembly Member​, National House of Representative’ Member, Senator, Governor or President, one must first join a political party, pick a nomination form, get screened, get passed the primaries, have your name on the ballot paper, win the election and have your certificate from the electoral umpire and few other things.

Without the above one cannot be considered politically. Unless and until you are eligible to be appointed into a cabinet for a role you most have played during the season of the elections.​ Politics has its ups and downs.

​Our plans are through the town hall meetings, forums, small groups and Nigeria focus organizations to have those eligible appear with their policies and ratings them accordingly plus open polls and surveys; and spending time on the working documents of the candidates or parties.

This body of Nigerians towards 2019 will also be involve in lobbying as well as be in a position to examined government policies until the end of their term and as mentioned on Nigeria 2019 project to make it possible for those seeking elective office in political positions to emerged.

We can achieve the changes desired together.